Traditional Thai Ceremonies

Thai Wedding is a living kaleidoscope of music, dance and ritual, reflecting the beauty and grace of Thai culture. A sacred institution that has evolved and thrived for thousands of years, our Thai Style Weddings can take place in a number of perfect settings to realize your dream of a Sunset/Sunrise Tropical Beach, garden, Dream Island, Buddhist Temple, Waterfall or luxurious Villa Wedding with Thailand’s wedding specialists.

There are a number of ways the ceremony can be conducted and we have two main Thai wedding packages, each with various options.

Thai Grand Ceremony Package

Stile von thailändischen Hochzeiten können Platz haben in einer Anzahl perfekter Rahmen um ihren Hochzeitstraum zu verwirklichen, wie beim

Thai Standard Ceremony Package

Unser Thailändisches Standard Hochzeits Paket ist ausgelegt für kleinere Feiern oder Budget. Das grundlegende Paket schliesst traditionelle